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Which is why, over the years, a handful of K-actors have admitted to be dating their fellow celebs. Here are those who have been revealed to be in a relationship. Their agency, Namoo Actors, confirmed that the two were indeed in a relationship. However, the agency claimed that the pair only started dating in But it seems their relationship is still going on strong. After all, they are two of the top actors in South Korea! Although there were rumours of them breaking up last year, both camps refuted the claims. Recently, reports have it that they threw a party to commemorate their second anniversary. In January , Korean media outlets reported that the pair was dating after they went to Bali on the same day, but they denied it and claimed they went with their respective families. However, the scandal brought them closer and they soon started dating.

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From me, he found that Joon Soo he was looking for. Although I was slow to warm up to him, I eventually understood his thinking. Because his basic starting point was to protect his family, and because he had a strong will to protect the siblings his mother loved, I quickly felt closer to understanding him. Joon Soo treats that man with a genuine heart helping him clean his house, and even washes his feet. From the rooftop at Dongdaemun, to their story before marriage, right up until their newlywed life, both of their love scenes made people feel warmhearted.

The director advised us to not to make it look bad or sappy but to make it plain and subtle.

If you want Korean version of Medison and the 5th avenues in NYC, defininately Go to”Cheong Dam Dong”(Kang nam District),specifically near Galleria Department store. 2. If you want artsy and more of a hippie styles like in Greenwich village, then visit “Hongdae”area.

Saturday, July 28, We Got Married: I guess I was just never a fan of unreal situations. I never knew he was in the show so I got curious who his partner is so I clicked the video and was only planning to watch the sole 3 minute video. But, I ended up watching episodes 1 and 2. Though one more to admit, I was also never a fan of Leeteuk. But when I started watching this reality show, I just found myself wanting Leeteuk more and more I think he’s an eligible man.

From how I perceived him on the first few episodes of the show, he was caring, responsible, gentleman, has a great sense of leadership, humble and super funny. Since watching this show, I found that I like Leeteuk more these days than I did before. Kang Sora is also super adorable. I like how a 22 year old woman was able to get along with a man 7 years older than her.

I’m sure, many Super Junior fans would have been devastated and hateful if the wife was another pretty woman. But seeing Sora, her face is a typical pretty woman that you often see.

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However with a different cast and a little story! They might be some links here and there with Dream High but the only character that is surviving here is our hilarious English Teacher Yang Jinman by Park Jinyoung! Sometimes he will flash back to the past in Dream High where he teaches the students dancing and how great the school were. In the school head of student Shin Haesung by Kang Sora is a girl who enters the school with high exam scores but did badly with her practicals.

And both JB and Yoojin began to develop feelings for Haesung. As time goes by, they began to make friends and even cause troubles together.

In the most cynical works on the sliding scale, he’ll be a Serial Killer, or at least a future works on the more idealistic end he’ll be struggling with mental illness, mental disorder, or some other demon that makes his life miserable but isn’t his fault.

The airing time was at 9. But one day her future self appears in front of her and changes her life. She begins to pursue her dream of becoming a television writer. He can be prickly, but is also highly principled and upright. He dreams of building a media conglomerate. Outwardly cute, she is smart and cunning. Atur dalam dunia penyiaran televisi, Na Mi-rae perjalanan kembali pada waktunya untuk mencegah dirinya 32 tahun menikahi pembaca berita Kim Shin, sehingga mengirimkan diri masa lalunya menyusuri jalan yang berbeda dan memungkinkan dia untuk mengejar hal-hal yang dia benar-benar inginkan dalam hidup.

Yonghwa dan Donggun begitu goodlooking! Saya menemukan rambut Eunhye yang benar-benar mengganggu, saya berharap mereka akan mengubahnya segera. Saya tidak keberatan dia berakhir dengan salah satu dari mereka dan drama ini benar-benar baik. He is arrogant and self-centered however he is overshadowed by his older half-brother, Kim Won. He falls in love with Cha Eun-sang despite her poor background. She grew up with Yoon Chan-young and gets caught in a love triangle with two privileged men, Kim Tan and Choi Young-do.

Her first love and ex-boyfriend, Kim Tan never loved her.

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January 30 – March 20, Runtime: Oz Entertainment then transfers over its own idol stars to Kirin High to avoid a law requiring under age entertainers to study for a set time. Competition then brews between troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transfered idols from Oz Entertainment. Jin Yoo-Jin acted when he was a young child. He attempts to cure his pain caused by his parent’s divorce through music.

In the most cynical works on the sliding scale, he’ll be a Serial Killer, or at least a future works on the more idealistic end he’ll be struggling with mental illness, mental disorder, or some other demon that makes his life miserable but isn’t his fault.

Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk-doo, a police officer. Thanks to her strength, she gets the job of a bodyguard, to a rich heir Ahn Min-hyuk , the CEO of a gaming company, Ainsoft.

Contrary to Guk-doo, Min-hyuk is an odd man who is playful, a little spoiled, has no regard for rules, and dislikes policemen. He has recently received anonymous threats, blackmails, and has even been stalked at an occasion.

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K-fans think so April 29, Pann: They even look cuter because they’re dating quietly. Didn’t Nichkhun and Tiffany say they’ve been dating for four months but it’s much longer? She talked about celebrities with the workers and they also talked about Nichkhun-Tiffany and female celebrities. Lee Jae Hoon is serving in the military right now and Kang Sora is waiting for him The salon at Cheongdam-dong is a popular place, a lot of celebrities go there.

I heard that the reason why they went to public with their relationship is because Nichkhun wanted to marry quickly. And this couple was famous among the fans since way before. They have a lot of evidences and whenever they were asked about each other, they kept saying that they were just close friends. And Nichkhun-Tiffany isn’t about dating, they’re in discussions of marriage. I read that they’re preparing to get married so they just revealed their relationship.

He said he was very close with Park Shin Hye so she goes to his concerts often and his mom and PSH’s mom are also close so both moms go to his concerts together. He showed how much he liked her. I guess they’re dating well and are covering it up with the “best friend” excuse.

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It began with me skipping the first two episodes and then marathoning the rest. I marathoned 4 episodes and loved those 4 episodes. Then came the week to week watching. The first week of episodes 7 and 8 just tugged on my heartstrings. And then this week, things turned kind of messy. I know there is a huge shipping war going on with this drama so I need to get my stance straight.

Feb 26,  ·:( dream high 2 yoo jin love jin woon kang sora 2am kpop JB yu jin.

All of this masks Taku’s extreme resentment and jealousy of Haru. Taku is horribly insecure about his relationship with his girlfriend Chiyu because he believes that Chiyu secretly loves Haru instead of him. In his eyes, Chiyu always looks happier hanging out with Haru than she does when she is with him. All of Taku’s achievements—athletics, academics—were done for the sole purpose of making himself better boyfriend material than Haru.

Taku even went so far as to use Acceleration to improve his performance—he didn’t actually achieve anything through effort alone. He also installed a virus in Chiyu’s neurolink so he can spy on her at any time, making him borderline Bastard Boyfriend material. While Taku does turn over a new leaf after Haru forces him into a tie, it’s later revealed that he was hazed during kendo practice when he was younger,with other students practicing thrusting techniques on his neck so much that he became suicidal at times, and given that a thrust attack triggers him, he suspects he won’t be able to do kendo in high school, since thrusting is legal in high school competitions.

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Let’s get to know who are them Min Jung’s father is the CEO of an advertising agency and her mum is a pianist, and the family has been living in a mansion worth KRW 3. Her late maternal grandfather was a reknowned painter and a poignant figure in Korean art history that pioneered the first generation of modernised ink painters in the country.

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Couple planning to marry soon? Actor shares ideal age for marriage By Maria A. Now that Hyun Bin and Kang So Ra have confirmed their relationship, what’s next for the new power couple? As fans celebrate the coming together of Hyun Bin and Kang So Ra, there’s a wedding buzz surrounding their announcement. Maybe, maybe not, but the actor revealed in an interview that he hopes to settle down before he reaches 40 years old.

As reported by Koreaboo , Hyun Bin shared that he believes “marriage is one of the mst important moments in one’s life” and that it has the ability to changes one’s life in many ways. He added that he gets jealous of his friends who already have their own families. Meanwhile, his friends are also jealous of the actor’s freedom. They have been dating for two months. Hyun is 34 while Kang is

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Jade Aug 07 pm i just learned about leetuk family death that fating a year ago. Leeteuk and kang sora dating in real life Hwaighting Kang Sora unnie. Anyeong Mar 20 8:


Some celebs date without going public and deny when they are involved in scandals, while others just go public and post things on their SNS. Which is better for fans and themselves? There is NO answer for that, it just their personal choice that fans have to respect. The couples who went public have to be extra careful. Any sign of thoughtless actions will make fans leave right away.

Shall we give a quick scan? Though much time has passed since their announcement, fans still shed tears by the fact that Suzy for men and Lee MinHo for women is taken. However, they do make a stunning couple. The cute couple went official last August. This hard-working couple went official last January. The news that they were dating was HUGE. But there seemed to be more people who accepted it and congratulated them than people who left bad comments.

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Her rise to the heights of the film industry in Korea has been described as nothing less than meteoric. This talented young actress co-wrote the script for the movie, and starred as the leading role. She has won two local awards for her acting and at the time of this interview, the film is about to premiere at the Sundance Independent Film Festival.

JB a été repéré lors des castings de de la JYP Entertainement dans lesquels il formait un duo avec Jr et ont obtenu la première place. Il a été révélé au public grâce à Dream High 2 mais aussi grâce à son Twitter, cette révélation a fait beaucoup de bruit car JB a tout de suite plu à une grande partie des internautes. La JYP Entertainement a lancé en mai un nouveau duo.

Of course Hye Sung was going to accept JB. After that confession and in front of everyone? This of course then leaves Rian and Yoo Jin to be paired up. Hye Sung tries to take her hand away, but JB takes it back. She tells Hye Sung that she takes back saying they were friends and turns her wrath on JB. Rian thanks him sincerely for clearing up her illusions about him and she found the desire to work hard because of them.

Next we see Rian and her mom eating. As both groups gather the next day for class, everyone is of course gossiping about JB and Hye Sung. In an effort to make them more connected, Teacher Ahn tells each pair to ask each other any question they want. Nana is sitting between Si Woo and Hong Joo, trying to get them to talk, but they clearly want nothing to do with each other. Rian catches Yoo Jin glancing back at Hye Sung and begins pestering him about why he likes her, to which he just gets angry and says nothing.

Afterwards, the partners meet up with Producer Shin for a special class to determine the images they want for their partners. I also probably enjoyed their couple G-Minor shout out way more than I should have. Seul and Soon Dong have their images flipped as Seul is dressed up in an innocent image holding flowers, and Soon Dong is dressed in all black with a gun.

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