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Share this article Share For a wife to walk away from her marriage after 16 years is not unusual. What is singular, however, is for her to leave her children. Beverley walked out on her three daughters Mollie, Brenna and Connie, when they were aged 18, 15 and She says it was one of the most traumatic, selfish acts of her life — but one she still stands by. And Mollie — well, she was somewhere in between the other two. So what did she feel on that September afternoon as the wheels of her car crunched over the sweeping gravel drive and through the electric gates? Was there guilt, remorse, sorrow?

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Instructions Start by heating up your grill and prepping the corn and zucchini. Slice zucchini thinly lengthwise, brush lightly with avocado or grape seed oil or another high-heat oil , and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Also soak corn in husk in cold water for 5 minutes. In the meantime, prepare your dressing by adding all ingredients sun-dried tomatoes, hot water, lemon juice, basil, garlic, olive oil, maple syrup, salt, and pepper to a blender and blend on high until creamy and smooth.

Dog treats serve so many different purposes. They can be used as positive behavior training tool or they can a simple way to show you care. Spoil your dog today with delicious and nutritious treats for dogs.

Growing up, this is what my parents set aside a space on the side of the house for, lined by a raspberry bush and just steps from the sour cherry tree. Sadly, the tree died just as I developed a taste for the tart cherries, the raspberry bush became overrun with poison ivy, and the last round of landscaping whittled the garden area to half its size, but I swear, somewhere in the back there is still a matted indentation from the Summer of the Zucchini Bats. Now, I was short then and sadly, still am but I remember these things being at least half my size.

And we had no idea what to do with them. Which brings me to my very first cookbook, aptly titled something along the lines of My Very First Cookbook. Bound with one of those white plastic comb spines , with hand-drawn illustrations inside, it could easily have been picked up at a craft fair form by the neighbor across the street who gave it to me as a birthday gift.

Zucchini muffins are sheer brilliance, if you ask me, crafted from the same ingenious logic as carrot cake: I just wanted it the way I remembered—loads of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and a heaping pile of shredded squash. Of course, I have this husband thing now and he has but one suggestion for all food items, always: Do you remember your first cookbook? Do you remember what you made from it? But in , I went back and made it even easier: Feel free to do a full or half-swap.

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Instructions Start by heating up your grill and prepping the corn and zucchini. Slice zucchini thinly lengthwise, brush lightly with avocado or grape seed oil or another high-heat oil , and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Also soak corn in husk in cold water for 5 minutes. In the meantime, prepare your dressing by adding all ingredients sun-dried tomatoes, hot water, lemon juice, basil, garlic, olive oil, maple syrup, salt, and pepper to a blender and blend on high until creamy and smooth.

It’s like a high school reunion every Thursday night LOL but it’s a great place to catch a game & a grab a bite & some drinks with friends. A lot of fried food on their menu.

Corn Vegetables AKA A Big Old Bowl of Love Corn may seem meant for summer barbecues, but in my house, my mom would blanch and freeze all the sweet, juicy kernels to have throughout the fall and winter as succotash, casseroles and soups. Of the many options, I most looked forward to corn chowder: A few weeks ago in New England, after a windy, sunny day at the beach, my beau cooked me a birthday dinner.

What did he make? Only the best thing ever: I sat at the kitchen table watching him peel potatoes, slice corn off the cob, adjust the seasoning and then add smoked bluefish fresh from the fish market. It most certainly was a meal to remember — sunburned nose, a sweatshirt to protect me from the cool ocean breeze coming through the screen door, wine and perfect corn chowder. Summer turns to fall, and your kitchen should turn to this chowder.

Corn Chowder Corn chowder is a comforting bowl of loveliness. You can use the last of the summer corn from the farmers market and grocery store, or thaw the corn you froze over the summer and put it to good use. Heck, you can even use frozen corn from the grocery store, if you’d like. If you’re using corn fresh off the cob, it pays to invest in an electric carving knife — the corn comes off so easily, and you can cut it right into the soup.

What I like most about this soup is that it needs very little flour for the roux, because the potatoes do most of the thickening. Yukon Golds are magic like that.

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Michelle Buffardi We’re teaming up with other food and garden bloggers to host Summer Fest , a season-long garden party. Each week we’ll feature favorite garden-to-table recipes and tips to help you enjoy the bounty, whether you’re harvesting your own goodies or buying them fresh from the market. To join in, check out awaytogarden. Yessir, it’s Summer Fest, and it’s zucchini season. Thanks to my CSA share , my mother’s garden and weekly trips to the farmer’s market, I’ve found myself with 7 pieces of zucchini each week.

An insane amount for just one person, and what am I even supposed to do with it all?

Slice medium-size zukes lengthwise into 3-quarter-inch-thick strips. Sprinkle Italian seasoning on the strips, place them in a single layer on a nonstick cookie sheet, and bake at degrees.

August 28, Have a nice long weekend! Even though the long weekend is still two long days away, I’m taking off early from the innernets so I can devote more time to obsessing over the weather and wondering if I should buy a Sham-wow. My life, so fascinating! Have a great Labor Day weekend! Posted by laurie at 9: Oh, Lake Tahoe is beautiful!

Once you get there. I’d never been to Lake Tahoe before.

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I just use veggies, sauce, and cheese or tofu or both sometimes when I make lasagna. Obviously the cookies metioned above are refined carbs but I use whole spelt at least! When does your CSA shares start? Megan are you familiar with Babies Hospital in NY.

But she says she is happy and is dating a man she met via the internet, but has no plans to marry again. She continues to perform, is writing songs for a new album and has just written her.

The flowers are produced in early spring before the leaves; they are solitary or paired, 2. The fruit has yellow or whitish flesh, a delicate aroma, and a skin that is either velvety peaches or smooth nectarines in different cultivars. The flesh is very delicate and easily bruised in some cultivars, but is fairly firm in some commercial varieties, especially when green. The single, large seed is red-brown, oval shaped, approximately 1. Peaches, along with cherries , plums and apricots , are stone fruits drupes.

There are various heirloom varieties , including the Indian Peach, or Indian Blood Peach, which arrives in the latter part of the summer, and can have color ranging from red and white, to purple. Peaches with white flesh typically are very sweet with little acidity , while yellow-fleshed peaches typically have an acidic tang coupled with sweetness, though this also varies greatly.

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Last night I witnessed history. The culprit was finally revealed later on that evening. That being said, I added that yellow squash to this cake because I ran out of enough zucchini for 3 cups before making this cake, and was too lazy to go out and buy another one. So, if your store is low on or out of zucchini, yellow squash is a great substitute! Yes, there are dozens and dozens of other ways to incorporate zucchini into many recipes, but I just never bothered.

She found this recipe at King Arthur, but changed the frosting to a simple, but perfect, chocolate ganache.

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Books by authors who currently are, or were formerly, associated with Wolf Park! Klinghammer was the founding Director of Wolf Park from until He continued to serve on the Wolf Park Board of Directors until his death in Allen was a Professor at Purdue University who had many students that have been major contributors to wolf research. Professor Allen was a colleague and mentor of Dr. Allen, Wolves of Minong: She then joined the staff where she worked in several positions including puppy parent, editor of the wolf ethogram, and author of a fox husbandry manual.

She still volunteers at the Park. Andrew came to Wolf Park as an intern in and joined the staff shortly thereafter.

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Early life[ edit ] Tzuke’s family relocated from Poland to England in the s, and changed their surname from Tzuke to Myers. Her mother, Jean Silverside, was a television actress, and her father, Sefton Myers, was a successful property developer who also managed artists and singers—most notably Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice during the writing of Jesus Christ Superstar. When Tzuke embarked on her singing career, she decided to reclaim the family’s Polish name as her stage name.

Educated in the visual arts, performing arts, and music, Tzuke performed in folk clubs from the age of Her meeting with Mike Paxman in was a turning point and they began to collaborate. Her first single on Rocket, “For You”, was released in

Zukes makes healthy, natural treats for both dogs and cats. The responsible retailer donates a portion of every sale to the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund. The company also pays their employees to bike.

History[ edit ] The Mahican Muh-hi-kann Native American nation, an Algonquian people , inhabited Pittsfield and the surrounding area until the early s, when, the population greatly reduced by war and disease, many migrated westward or lived quietly on the fringes of society. He planned to subdivide and resell to others who would settle there.

John Stoddard of Northampton , who had claim to 1, acres 4. A group of young men came and began to clear the land in , but the threat of Indian raids around the time of King George’s War soon forced them to leave, and the land remained unoccupied by Englishmen for several more years. Deming was the first and the last of the original settlers, dying in March at the age of Solomon Deming died in at the age of

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