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Don’t accept drinks from other people. Keep your drink with you at all times, even when you go to the bathroom. Don’t drink from punch bowls or other common, open containers. They may already have drugs in them. If someone offers to get you a drink from a bar or at a party, go with the person to order your drink. Watch the drink being poured and carry it yourself. Don’t drink anything that tastes or smells strange. Sometimes, GHB tastes salty. Have a nondrinking friend with you to make sure nothing happens.

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If you would like your project listed here, please send an e-mail to david dot gilbert at object dash refinery dot com. Please note that inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement of these products in any way. Open Door Logistics Studio -” an open source application for logistics modelling, including support for sales territory design, management and reporting. SportsTracker -“an application for people that want to record their sporting activities.

It is not bound to a specific kind of sport, the user can create categories for all sport types such as cycling, running or tennis” GNU GPL. Klimb, Rock Climbing Performance Software – “Klimb is the first Rock Climbing Performance Software that analyses climbing, weight training, cardio and provides you with all kinds of reports and statistics on your climbing performance, power, relative strength, endurance by tracking your profile.

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The company has been an advocate of proprietary software, but in the last couple of years, Redmond has made a lot of contributions to the open source community. If Windows becomes capable of running Linux applications someday, then people might fall for it. Leaving all these things aside, one important thing to consider is that various free and open-source software available for Windows Firefox — Open source browser for Windows 10 Developed by Mozilla Foundation, Firefox is an open-source web browser which was first released in Firefox started to lose its user base after the arrival of Google Chrome in But last year, Mozilla gave a massive transformation to Firefox, and now it stands proudly in front of Chrome and other leading browsers.

Firefox is the default web browser on various Linux distributions, but it also has gigantic user based on the Windows platform, and not to mention Android. Download Mozilla Firefox 2.

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Preamble The licenses for most software are designed to take away your freedom to share and change it. By contrast, the GNU General Public License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change free software–to make sure the software is free for all its users. This General Public License applies to most of the Free Software Foundation’s software and to any other program whose authors commit to using it. You can apply it to your programs, too. When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not price.

The problem with the GPL is that it has the idea that it has a say over what software that’s not GPL-ed should do, and that the amount of situations in which the GPL thinks it has a say is very vast, and criteria are vague (like the example above).

Back in Paul Jose was one of the first to link solar modulation with planetary movements. He discovered that the planets roughly returned to the same position every Jose’s paper included a very rough solar radius graph which showed some modulation but was difficult to draw from. Later Theodor Landscheidt wrote many papers using a similar principle but mainly relied on solar torque graphs which ranged over long time periods.

Landscheidt predicted a Grand Minimum to start at , peak around the latter might be late, if the current trend continues and extend out to Those dates are derived from the zero crossing method which incorporates an extreme in solar torque measurements. This graph I believe is the Rosetta stone of solar science. Carl’s original graph did not have the green arrows, but instead he displayed red arrows when the curve reached zero.

The solar disturbances occurring at the green arrows is a new discovery quite different to the Landscheidt theory. Carbon 14 graph from Wiki showing correlation with Carl’s graph. Carl’s Graph was produced in Around 12 months later I stumbled on his graph while doing some ENSO research and noticed the “camel shaped humps” at the green arrows green arrows added later , this is the point of divergence and the beginning of my research.

The humps or disturbance to the normal pattern also looked to line up very accurately with prior slowdowns of the Sun for the last years.

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Its year of birth is when Kurt Zeilenga and others decided to consolidate patches that had been spread on mailing lists and news groups to improve the original standalone University of Michigan LDAP server code slapd. After Kurt Zeilenga resigned, Howard Chu took over the role of the chief architect of the project. This focus on openness and interoperability turned the project into an important landmark in the landscape of network services, being supported by all major enterprise Linux distributions which offered OpenLDAP as a maintained component of their products.

This news was broken to customers in the release notes of SLE The GPL licensed source code of Directory Server is the technological basis of two separate offers.

Ren’Py is an engine that supports the creation of visual novels and dating sims, forms of computer-mediated storytelling. It supports a movie script-like syntax that makes creating simple games easy, while still being customizable and extensible by advanced creators.

The second version of the license, version 2, was released in Over the following 15 years, members of the free software community became concerned over problems in the GPLv2 license that could let someone exploit GPL-licensed software in ways contrary to the license’s intent. Version 3 was developed to attempt to address these concerns and was officially released on 29 June The first problem was that distributors may publish binary files only—executable, but not readable or modifiable by humans.

To prevent this, GPLv1 stated that copying and distributing copies or any portion of the program must also make the human-readable source code available under the same licensing terms. The union of two sets of restrictions would apply to the combined work, thus adding unacceptable restrictions. However, software distributed under GPLv1 could not be combined with software distributed under a more restrictive license, as this would conflict with the requirement that the whole be distributable under the terms of GPLv1.

The section says that licensees may distribute a GPL-covered work only if they can satisfy all of the license’s obligations, despite any other legal obligations they might have. In other words, the obligations of the license may not be severed due to conflicting obligations. This provision is intended to discourage any party from using a patent infringement claim or other litigation to impair users’ freedom under the license.

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Fiat was importing cars to the UK market by the outbreak of World War II in with the two countries on opposite sides , but its market share increased rapidly during the s, with the supermini and range of small family cars being the biggest sellers, selling largely on practicality and efficiency. Its market share increased further during the s with the Fiat Uno imported to the UK from June being the company’s best seller in the UK, and its share fell sharply in the early s before the arrival of the Punto in March rejuvenated the company’s UK fortunes.

The second generation Punto was a strong seller in the UK after its October launch, but the new modern day Fiat launched there in January has accounted for most of the company’s UK sales in more recent years. The original Fiat had been one of the few direct competitors for the iconic Mini during its s heyday. They built their first Brazilian car plant in the Greater Belo Horizonte city of Betim in , after having begun by building tractors there.

Palio Weekend , Palio Adventure , Strada.

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Your profile is full of typos Brown says she’s spotted typos in company names, job titles, and even in the user’s name. Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t have a built-in spell checker, but your browser might. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox underline misspellings in red. Bottom line, whatever you use: Be as careful on LinkedIn as you would be with a paper resume. Studies have shown that LinkedIn profiles with pictures are much more likely to get clicked on than those without.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. You have a profile picture, but it’s a photo of you and your significant other or worse Do not get LinkedIn and Facebook confused, says Brown. Facebook is for personal pictures, LinkedIn is for professional ones. Brown recalls one student who came to her, frustrated because he couldn’t find a job. When she checked out his LinkedIn, she saw that he had chosen a photo of himself doing The Chicken Dance at a wedding.

Stereotypical, duck-faced selfies are another big no-no that Brown’s started noticing more often. She also says she sees a lot of people link to their Facebook profiles from their LinkedIn pages.

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Talk Oops, we can’t find your location First, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again. Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location. If your browser doesn’t ask you, try these steps: At the top of your Chrome window, near the web address, click the green lock labeled Secure. In the window that pops up, make sure Location is set to Ask or Allow.

GNU General Public License version (13,) GNU General Public License with Classpath exception (97) GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version (13,) I agree to receive these communications from via the means indicated above. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime.

August 21, New research shows they have a similar chemical signature to two other fossils made by bacteria right , suggesting that these 3. But not everyone is convinced these burrows are fossils of ancient lifeforms. These so-called microfossils , found in a shallow lake known as Strelley Pool in Western Australia, have been a source of contention for decades, with some scientists arguing that the mysterious tunnels were forged by volcanic processes, rather than primordial life. The authors of the new study say their analysis of the rocks — which date to the early Archean eon, 4 billion to 2.

The research, published in the peer-reviewed journal Geochemical Perspectives Letters and presented Aug. The Oldest Fossils on Earth ] It’s a hard rock life The team analyzed the ancient structures found in the hard rock deposits, called cherts, of Western Australia’s Strelley Pool Formation using advanced microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. The team compared the Strelley Pool filaments with similar structures made by modern bacteria, as well as with 1.

The Strelley Pool filaments contained organic molecules with similar chemical features to both of the other samples, suggesting all three were made by the same — biological — process. Still, techniques used by Alleon and his team “are not applicable to the older rocks that host the claims for the oldest terrestrial life,” Bennett said. But not all scientists are convinced that even the Strelley Pool structures are biological in origin.

Alison Olcott Marshall, an assistant professor of paleo-biogeochemistry at the University of Kansas, who was not involved in the study, told Live Science that, while the team’s data do reveal that the structures are composed of carbon- and nitrogen-containing compounds, that is not unique to biological material. But before definitively calling these rocks microfossils, she would like to see the same type of analysis that was done on the filaments also performed on the rock surrounding them, Olcott Marshall said.

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