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March27, In January at the suggestion of the dental receptionist I picked a plan with my dentist’s name who subscribed to the plan, in this case Carrington Care Plus. It is like buying a coupon book for dental care, meaning there is always a charge, but less than if one had no plan at all. I called the dental office before subscribing to the plan to insure what was posted was accepted by the dentist. It would have been closer to 2x this amount. In this age of insurance and middlemen, I’ll probably keep the Plan until I change dentists or he opts out of the Plan. The prescription part did not work at my pharmacy, but I bought it for dental coverage. Dental Plans are NOT insurance, may not cover all services and may have a cap on reimbursements. It’s best to ask ahead of the service for coverage.

Thug, or Guardian Outlaw, or Champion Infamous, or Hero

There is a widely circulated Chinese blog post that runs quite long. The subject is a certain immoral foreign blogger against which the Chinese blogger has asked Chinese netizens to track down and kick out of China. In truth, I have known about that foreigner’s blog and I refused to pay any attention to it. Many of my readers should be able to guess which blog it is without me saying anything. For your information, the foreigner’s blog is Sex and Shanghai hosted by blogspot.

July 2, In , 29 year old Eric Bermen of Florida began dating a local girl whose 6′-4″ ninety year old father possessed “the largest hands I’d ever shaken,” he said. Over time, “Big Ed,” as he was known locally, revealed to the younger man that his real name was Otto Skorzeny, legendary SS (Schutzstaffel) commando of World War II fame, personal bodyguard to Adolf Hitler, and.

A surprising number of people are not terribly well-informed about something that happened almost 50 years ago. So, let’s get some facts straight first: Kennedy in response to the Soviet Union’s early successes in space exploration, just in case the world decided that those Commies were right and Communism was the way to go. See also the whole Cold War thing. Unsurprisingly , this is the thing most people Americans seem able to remember There have been SIX [note 2] human landings on the Moon, between and Each landing delivered two astronauts to the surface, with a third one waiting for them in lunar orbit.

There have been three more flights to the Moon: There is a mostly accurate movie with Tom Hanks about it.

FACT CHECK: Is the ‘Talking Angela’ App Unsafe

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Dinosaur Hoax – Dinosaurs Never Existed! The Atlantean Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Spirituality, Philosophy and Health Blog The public knows almost nothing about uncertainties in the dating of rocks. I only get to internet on Wednesdays for a few hours. October 28, at PM.

But its reputation as an authoritative research resource is doubted by college professors and other experts who deter students from quoting Wikipedia in their papers. One reason is that a lot of the information on Wikipedia is either incomplete or downright false. Because anyone can technically edit or contribute to Wikipedia, the site is vulnerable to hackers and vandalism.

False Death Reports These high-profile personalities, politicians and celebrities were falsely reported dead by Wikipedia users. Edward Kennedy after he actually did suffer a seizure during the post-inaugural luncheon for Barack Obama in January Senator Robert Byrd was also included in the Sen. Kennedy death hoax after he actually did leave the same luncheon shortly after Kennedy had the seizure. ET, according to the Washington Post, Sen. Byrd was also reported dead by a Wikipedia user.

The entry even had specific information about his funeral. The actor Sinbad was falsely reported dead by a Wikipedia entry in Miley Cyrus is arguably one of the biggest teen stars in the entire world, and fans were shocked when a hoax involving social media site Digg and Wikipedia falsely reported her death in September The sites claimed that Miley Cyrus was killed in a car crash on her way to the Hannah Montana set, but it never happened.

The real John Seigenthaler is a respected journalist who briefly worked for Robert F.

Racial hoax

March 4, at 9: Andrea Rinaldo May 27, at 3: All one has to do is research! Take a look at the Egyptian carvings for instance, which clearly show a much, much taller race of people who ruled the population. The proof is plentiful!

Claim: The Talking Angela app unsafely prompts children to provide personal information about

Shadow people are apparitions that usually appear in sleep or have some association with sleep paralysis. Today I would like to look at one particular shadow entity — The Hat Man. The Hat Man is a shadow person that has been reported all over the world. The entity is usually described as a tall shadow man dressed in a long black trench coat and wearing a wide brimmed hat or a fedora. He is distinctively male and witnesses say that he has no face or a shadowy blurred face.

Most shadow entities are usually seen for a moment or two before disappearing, but the Hat Man seems to be different often staying for a prolonged period of time and sometimes he even touches, chokes or assaults his victims. Another aspect of the Hat Man that is eerie and more sinister than other shadow people is that the Hat Man is often associated with hostile environments, aggression and is sometimes an indicator that something evil will happen.

Here is what the Strange Accounts website has to say: Other witnesses have reported that the Hat Man sometimes has glowing red eyes or black featureless, solid eyes.

How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer

The Talking Angela app does not unsafely prompt children to provide personal information about themselves. Updated 28 December Published 3 September Claim The Talking Angela app unsafely prompts children to provide personal information about themselves. Talking Angela, like numerous similar apps, can interact with users in several ways: My future daughter-in-law just received this warning from a friend on her page. Do not let your child download the Talking Angela app! It is very creepy!

Apr 14,  · TOPIC GUIDE: Social media “Social media improves our understanding of major world events” PUBLISHED: 01 Aug Why has the Guardian declared war on internet freedom? Syria Gay Girl in Damascus blog a hoax by US man. BBC News 13 June AUDIO/VISUAL.

Who have, in turn, often appeared on news media and come to dominate a lot of the rhetoric that has often become the cultural default for talking about the issues we have to debate. These public intellectuals and writers have deep financial support from their backers, and we often see them being presented as neutral “experts. Personally I feel like I’ve often seen such figures lecturing Americans about why things like environmental protection and better healthcare are not realistic or worthy goals.

I feel pretty suspect toward anyone with a background working for right wing think tanks, because their reasoning always seems motivated and their information often seems biased. Having lived outside the US for years at a time, much of what they argue as being possible or impossible seems ridiculous. Other countries do things all the time that they are constantly telling us is impossible. Layoff’s book is a great read, and I was very struck by his analysis of how the right wing of American political culture reorganized itself in the wake of flagging popularity in the Vietnam War era.

More people should read this book, and think about how rhetoric is being used to frame the structure of all of our conversations, and then think about where this rhetoric comes from and who is interested in reinforcing it.

Doritos claims to be making “crunch

There is a free trial subscription for 30 days upon signup. Check out a trailer above. WOW Presents Plus brings you on their adventures, from where to find the spiciest meat in Brazil to how to find the hottest trade in Australia. Their vibrant pigments and dazzling palettes are coveted by celebrities, drag queens, and even Hello Kitty!

The Sugarpill Show follows founder Amy Doan and her Sugarpill team as they take you behind the scenes for the launch of their sparkly new products and show you the best tips and tricks to make up your mug! Follow four party-throwing gay provocateurs transplanted from their hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas to the glitter and glam of Hollywood.

Twitter Hoax Spread On The Internet Claiming Pro-Trump Rally Violence March 25, warning them of the dangers of a white woman dating a black man. November 1, ; Founder of the Guardian Angles admitted lying about numerous events from – , including someone spray painting “KKK” and “White Power” outside the group’s.

How about transforming a church into the perfect home? The Church of England is looking for buyers for five historic Greater Manchester buildings – at bargain prices. New owners, however, must follow special guidelines, set out by the church. First off, buyers will have a few months to make sure the property is wind and watertight. Green-fingered owners are warned not to plant trees or shrubs within three metres of buildings.

Read More A look inside Greater Manchester’s smallest ever apartments Graveyards, which are protected by the church, must not be disturbed or damaged. Owners must allow access – if a written request is made – to those wishing to visit or tend graves.

Philippines’ space satellite photo a hoax

Firstly, it should be needless to say that it is impossible to reconstruct an entire hypothetical ancient animal based on a few teeth! There is no belief of dinosaurs in the Native American religion or tradition. For that matter, why were there no discoveries prior to the nineteenth century in any part of the world? All these places were inhabited and well-explored for thousands of years before this time, why had no one ever found a dinosaur fossil before? Marsh is said to have discovered over different ancient species including 80 dinosaurs, while Cope discovered

The Supreme Court has ended the court fight over repealed Obama-era “net neutrality” rules that required internet providers to treat all online Nov 5 Verizon reorganizes structure under new CEO.

Share on Messenger Close ‘It hurt your head and your heart so much, trying to figure out what was true and what wasn’t’: Suki Dhanda for the Observer On a Saturday afternoon in June, Claire Travers Smith arrives in a port town in Pembrokeshire where the air is salty, the gridded streets quiet and an enormous multistorey ferry looms in the harbour, waiting to plough across the Celtic Sea to Ireland. Claire has come in from the other direction, a few hundred miles on motorway and snaking A-road from London, travelling about as far west as Wales goes.

She is searching for someone she once fell in love with. They met online two years ago, Claire tells me, almost to the day. It was through a dating website, Smooch , and she found the man compelling right away. He could spell and he knew how to be flippant and funny via browser-window text box — traits that Claire, an experienced and weary internet dater, had come to prize.


He returned to film in in the film Party Monster. None of his later films became anything to brag about but his purpose was artistic expression rather than fame and fortune. Goddaughter Paris Jackson adores her godfather Paris Jackson, the eldest daughter of the late Michael Jackson, has a very tight knit relationship with her godfather, Macaulay. The two are often seen getting dinner when they are both in the same town.

Macaulay Culkin was born on August 26, in New York.

Nov 28,  · Ofcoarse propaganda on there part but according to the guardian’s article there is a “ring of secret nuclear power stations around the Arctic circle, attached to giant immersion heaters” and “space-based lasers dissolving the world’s glaciers”.

Hackers exposes global warming is a HOAX! November 26, , If the emails were from a photographer admitting he’d Photoshopped Demi Moore’s waistline you can bet it would be on the front page of every paper on this now cooling planet. The MSM ignored this story as long as they could or they were awaiting orders from headquarters. Now they simply poo poo the whole thing and tell us to move along.

If this isn’t proof of the media being totally controlled I don’t know what is. We need to start preempting their next scare campaign Oxygen Depletion by talking about it now.

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A hoard of cats indicates obsessive compulsive psychobabbling schizo krackto clickto clito duck-face-o quackazoid-itis. April 8, yup That is the reality, If Men all got together and decided women no longer have anymore rights there would be nothing woman could do about it. Jessica wears a shirt about bathing in Male tears, in truth she should be kissing the Ground where Men walk because of the Freedom 1st world Modern Western woman enjoys.

Firstly, there are the evil elite, the selfish men who benefit immensely from feminism. They will fight will all their might to stop men from uniting, and ending feminism.

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Imagine who would have such taste and live in such opulence? Louis XIV of France? Savour the pictures then scroll to the bottom of the page to see who owns this Work of Art. This Mansion is in Harare and belongs to: The President of Zimbabwe — Robert Mugabe — while his people starve, and die because of no medical help….

According to this email forward, a sumptuous mansion featured in a series of attached photographs belongs to President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. The email claims that while Mugabe lives in such opulent luxury, the ordinary people of Zimbabwe face poverty under his leadership. In fact, the very same set of photographs has also circulated in protest messages decrying the opulent lifestyles of other political leaders and celebrities.

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