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An optical audio cable can be more prone to problems than a coaxial cable so you have to treat it carefully. Although it might look as sturdy as others, a Toslink cable is actually comprised of delicate wires and fibers. Breakage One of the most common problems with an optical audio cable is breakage. The breakage occurs inside the protective sheath and is not easily visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately, the cable can be broken easily. The simple acts of bending it, twisting it, or even standing on it can cause irreparable damage. Connections Optical cables use a special connector when used with other components. They are much more sensitive than coaxial cables and you will need to apply less pressure. You also you need to be certain that you have the Toslink cable plugged into the correct connection. This could be something as simple as connecting to an ‘out’ connection instead of an ‘in’ connection.

Can you hook up external speakers to a TV without a home theater receiver

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A ZVOX Audio system can also be purchased from an authorized online or storefront retailer. The return policy would then be determined by the retailer. ZVOX confirms the price of a Product as part of our order processing procedures.

Click to sign up. The 10 popular excuses for not connecting a sound system to your bedroom TV. You like that your TV sounds like a Victrola. Vocal clarity and realistic sound are overrated. There’s no bass in the programs you watch. Hooking up the system is too complicated. Your wife won’t let you run wires in the room. There’s no place to hide the subwoofer.

You mostly watch sporting events on TV. Surround sound systems are too expensive. ZVOX single-cabinet home theaters sound great – with superb vocal clarity, realism, and bass. No speaker wires or external subwoofer – you can hook one up in 10 minutes. The above is phenomenal, with thunderous realism and bass down to 35Hz, with no external subwoofer.

The Zvox

BlueSound Website Now, we finally do have much, if not all our music at our fingertips thanks to smartphones and other digital storage devices. There are many ways to play digital media on home entertainment systems, like Airplay, DLNA, Bluetooth, and other methods that connect digital media devices to receivers, amplifiers, and speakers through a wired or wireless home network. The wireless speaker paradigm takes that last part — receivers, amplifiers, and speakers and wires — and bundles them together into stand-alone self-powered Wi-Fi speakers, networked and controlled together via a mobile device app.

The Bluesound ecosystem of wireless speakers is operated via the BluOS smartphone app. The app can serve as your only method of interacting with the Bluesound speaker system.

I was excited and wanted to hook it up right away but after opening the box and checking my connections on the TV and my current Sound Bar (that is currently connected via HDMI) I noticed that my Samsung needs an adapter in order to use the Optical hook up the ZVOX uses.

I currently cover gaming headsets, surround-sound speaker systems, and soundbars here at Wirecutter. I also review AV receivers, high-end audio, and home-automation systems for Home Theater Review and Residential Systems , and blog about video games for the Rayva Roundtable. For many people, the solution to this problem is clear: Upgrade to a full-fledged surround-sound setup with an AV receiver and an entry-level or high-performance 5.

Or even just a good stereo receiver and a pair of bookshelf speakers. Although a premium soundbar will get you a lot closer to the performance of those component systems, 60 percent of respondents to a recent Wirecutter survey reported that they simply want an affordable option that outperforms their TV speakers. How we picked Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald This guide to budget soundbars builds upon the hours of work that Chris Heinonen performed in his original guide.

That left us with a list of more recent releases, updated versions of our old picks, and a few wild cards thrown into the mix. With that list in place, we turned to experts at sites like Cnet, Digital Trends, PCMag, and Trusted Reviews to whittle down the pack and eliminate any soundbars with obvious performance, ergonomics, or connectivity shortcomings.

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If you look at the rear of the ZVOX system you will see the model printed on the back panel. ZVOX systems will work with any brand of television provided the TV model in question has either a digital audio output or an analog audio output. There were several older Samsung TV models that did not have any type of audio outputs on them at all.

So those model TVs are not compatible with any type of audio system. How can I hook a subwoofer up to it?

As Zvox will gladly tell you, the company started the sound base movement back in , and it’s taken till for the mainstream to catch up. A sound base is designed to sit under a TV and.

If you can make your TV emit only uncompressed digital audio, you could get away with a less expensive converter such as this one. I haven’t tried either of those devices personally. That is, if your DVD player is sending a surround sound signal and the TV is passing it along unchanged likely, you’ll hear nothing on the output of the converter. If you’re comfortable setting up your TV to downsample to 2 channels a feature it may or may not possess or all of your various source devices to output only stereo almost certainly possible for everything you own, but you’ll have to figure it out for each one individually the transcoder linked in Oktober’s comment will do what you need it to do.

They’re solid little problem solvers, I’ve used 20 or so in the last few years and have yet to see one lock up or fail. Was made for the original TV so it was all compatible. Do you have a friend who loves electronics and hunting up deals? Ask them to help you. We looked at game consoles, blu-ray, and home theater set-ups before getting the simple combo we bought. I would not have been happy with all those extra components and doodads. Getting something that did the digital-thing through the existing TV ports was much easier and better sounding than trying to jimmy-rig something through whatever speakers we already own – and we looked thoroughly into that option before getting what we got, too.

For the quality vs. So you’re probably only going to get uncompressed 2 channel PCM from the TV anyway, in which case the basic geffen optical to RCA adapter should do the trick.

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There’s no need to adjust its bass and treble controls. Not only is it great for movies and TV, it’s even good enough for enjoying music for hours on end. The box volume and these three drivers give it the same output as any other typical consumer subwoofer. It has strong output to 41 Hz about the lowest E on a standard bass violin or guitar , and has clean output as low as 32 Hz, a foot pedal C on a pipe organ. It’s mostly doubling below that. This is swell for music and great for movies.

The Zvox Soundbar SB is a new attempt by the company that created the first soundbar to bring the promise of high performance surround sound to new levels in a single cabinet.

Stopped by Lowe’s on the way home for some black heavy duty cable ties. Brought it in the house, unboxed it, read the instructions, suspended it from the TV mount, made the optical and AC connections, plugged it in, fired everything up and it is working great! For some reason the remote gave me some agita for about five minutes. It had one of those little plastic shims to prevent the battery from making contact which I removed, but still no response. I removed the battery and it checked out at 3.

Put it back and still nothing. Pulled it again and rubbed the battery on my shirt, replaced it, still nothing.

ZVOX B SoundBase Refurbished (Black)

Currently, here is how everything is routed. What is loud enough for the Chromecast Audio Spotify, volume maxed in the app is too loud for games on my PS4, and not loud enough for TV shows. I’d rather not constantly adjust the volume on the ZVOX and have to guess where it’s at from the last time I used it only to be blasted out of my seat when I turn a game on. I was thinking about using a mixer to get all of the sources to the same relative volume. The Chromecast Audio would run into the mixer, and all three would leave the master output and run into the soundbar.

View and Download Zvox Audio Z-Base HSD owner’s manual online. Single-Cabinet Surround Sound System. Stereo System Zvox Audio Zvox Mini Hook-up Instructions (2 pages) Stereo System Zvox Audio Z-base Owner’s Manual. Single-cabinet surround sound system (4 pages) Related Products for Zvox Audio Z-Base HSD.

Twitter0 The number of sound bar enthusiasts is growing but many of them found themselves disappointed with their purchases. This blog provides sound bar reviews aimed at helping enthusiasts like yourself make informed decision. With proper basic understanding, you can avoid unwanted surprises with your next sound bar purchase. What is a sound bar A sound bar or soundbar refers to the usually horizontal long and slim bar of speaker.

In laymen terms, a sound bar is understood as a single piece speaker system that is capable of mimicking the performance of multi-speakers home theater systems. In an even simpler term, it is nothing more than a single piece speaker system that can produce surround sound-like quality. In some cases, an additional sub-woofer makes a complete sound bar set. Who will find sound bars useful Compared to its multi-speaker home theater counterpart, a sound bar comes with several advantages.

In almost all sound bar reviews, the most often touted benefit of sound bar is its minimal space requirement. Sound bars are in most cases ergonomically designed.

ZVOX Introduces Wall

Beautifully designed and finished, with high-quality aluminum cabinet capped with soft rubber on each end. One end has the port for the built-in subwoofer, the other has soft-touch controls. Easy setup, best results obtained with a single optical cable from the television. Overall sound quality is excellent, providing crisp, clear sound that has a very slight touch of lushness to it and excellent tonal balance. Able to play loud and deep enough to provide a theatrical effect in a small room.

Maybe you have the wrong settings, I need to know what method or cable are you using to connect the coby soundbar in your TV. If you using the RCA cable audio .

The main soundbar unit looks elegant and smartly tailored, with the speaker almost floating in its surround thanks to its contrasting silver edging. The bar feels reassuringly heavy too — hardly surprising when you consider that behind the grille are six speakers, W of power and an arsenal of connections. An optical digital input and a 3. This is basic, but better than nothing. The top of the main unit hosts buttons for selecting input, activating the Bluetooth connectivity and switching between movie and music sound modes.

Soundbar Supertest in our June isue, on sale now The only thing missing is a lip-sync adjustment. During testing, the sound was a millisecond or two behind the picture on our Samsung TV, but was fine when we switched to a Panasonic set. The dinky rectangular wand seems like a token gesture. The subwoofer shows authority and poise.

It rumbles merrily in the background adding to the atmospheric scenes of Inception, but it wastes no time powering into life when the action moves to the assault on the snow-covered mountainside fort. The JBL gives the viewer both barrels.

The Best TV Speakers & Sound Systems For Hearing Impaired: ZVOX by Zvox Audio

Zvox hook up It will firmly click in place. You will see the optical cable in the box with the SoundBase accessories. How do I find out which model I have?

Setting up the ZVOX AV AccuVoice TV Speaker is very easy. First, it is very compact (17 x x inches) and light ( lbs). It can be placed below the bottom edge in the front of most TVs, or it can be wall mounted (pads are provided for shelf placement and screw holes are provided for wall mounting).

Only five inches deep, the new ZVOX is a wall mounted surround system that combines elegant design and compact dimensions with performance. No mass of connecting wires. The is the first wall-mountable system that puts everything in one cabinet — and it does so without sacrificing performance. People are going to be shocked by how good it sounds. So how do you improve the flat-panel listening experience without cluttering your viewing room with speaker boxes, wires and subwoofers? The ZVOX is the only system that creates high-quality, full-range sound in a slim, stylish, wall-mounted cabinet.

The PhaseCue system also generates remarkable, three-dimensional virtual surround sound effects with movie soundtracks. These woofers generate outstanding bass response — but because they are side-firing, they do not cause serious wall vibrations.

Zvox’s bar sounds big, but isn’t perfect