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January 9, Suzhou Tourism Located in the Jiangsu Province of Eastern China, Suzhou is a thriving metropolis of 13 million people, which makes it all the more remarkable that it offers healing and wholeness for travelers. Due to Internet censorship, expect your favorite websites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube to be blocked, which means you can entirely disconnect from technology and fully connect to Suzhou.

It may not be a beach destination, but for a brief moment, Suzhou will rescue you.

Wuhan, China dating I am an ordinary Chinese man, as a tech PM, I have been to different parts of the world (Asia, Africa, Latin America and other places) in the past 10 years, took on different work tasks, also experienced and enjoyed.

See Article History Alternative Titles: It is situated on the southern section of the Grand Canal on a generally flat, low-lying plain between the renowned Lake Tai to the west and the vast Shanghai metropolis to the east. Surrounded by canals on all four sides and crisscrossed by minor canals, the city controls the Yangtze River Chang Jiang delta area north and northeast of Lake Tai.

Suzhou is a place of great beauty, with lakes, rivers, ponds, world-famous gardens, and a string of scenic hills along the eastern shore of the lake. It also lies at the centre of some of the richest agricultural land in China. History The traditional founding date of Suzhou is bce, when a city with the approximate boundaries of the present-day one was established by the ruler of the state of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Chunqiu period — bce of the Dong Eastern Zhou dynasty.

Under the Qin dynasty — bce it became the seat of a county, Wuxian, and of the Kuaiji commandery, which controlled most of present-day Jiangsu south of the Yangtze and Zhejiang province. The name Suzhou dates from ce, when the Sui dynasty — conquered southern China.

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The garden is divided into three sections: The garden is especially fancied by overseas visitors and is praised as the most ornate and intact private gardens in Suzhou. Founded in and originally located in the national historic landmark, Zhong Wang Fu palace complex, Suzhou Museum has been a highly-regarded regional museum with a number of significant Chinese cultural relics.

The new Suzhou museum designed by world famous architect I. Pei was completed in October Not only does the museum become a monumental design building in Suzhou, but also a significant construction, merging the traditional Chinese architectural design with the future.

Jul 14,  · Where Industry and Artistry Meet Oddly, after Shanghai, Suzhou is the second largest industrial city location in China, home to 27 listed companies and housing development for .

History[ edit ] Chinese embroidery has a long history since the Neolithic age. Because of the quality of silk fibre, most Chinese fine embroideries are made in silk. Some ancient vestiges of silk production have been found in various Neolithic sites dating back 5, —6, years in China. Currently the earliest real sample of silk embroidery discovered in China is from a tomb in Mashan in Hubei province identified with the Zhanguo period 5th—3rd centuries BC. After the opening of Silk Route in the Han dynasty , the silk production and trade flourished.

In the 14th century, the Chinese silk embroidery production reached its high peak. Today, most handwork has been replaced by machinery, but some very sophisticated production is still hand-made.

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They also found wealth in the sale of medicinal herbs, the family stressed the importance of helping the less fortunate. The family eventually included five children. As a boy, Pei was very close to his mother, a devout Buddhist who was recognized for her skills as a flautist. She invited him, his brothers, and his sisters to join her on meditation retreats.

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Pin it Shanghai is the most populous city in the world, and it can become a bit overwhelming for both visitors and locals. Tongli, an ancient water town complete with canals and gondolas. We also stopped by the town of Suzhou, with a heritage dating back 2, years. The creation of the Grand Canal nearly 1, years ago provided a means by which silk could easily be shipped to Beijing, and Suzhou gained traction as a favored town for intellectuals and merchants.

Pollen and Phytolith Evidence for Rice Cultivation and Vegetation Change during the Mid-Late Holocene at the Jiangli Site, Suzhou, East China. In particular, the dating of Polygonum aviculare seeds from S1 is about BC BC, which belongs to the late stage of the Songze Culture.

Originally built in by a retired magistrate Wang Xianchen, now it ranks the best representative of Chinese classical gardens with Ming Dynasty style. The garden is separated into three principal parts, east, central and west. The main attraction is the Central Garden where inter-connected ponds are surrounded by pavilions, halls, corridors, and small bridges.

From March to October, the beautiful flowers are in blossom. If you come in Summer, lotus flowers are smiling to you. In Autumn, you could see chrysanthemum everywhere in the garden. Built in typical Qing Style, it is well-known for its exquisite beauty of magnificent halls, peaceful lakes and unusually-shaped stones. It consists of four scenic areas: Strolling in it, you can’t help slowing down your pace to enjoy the harmony with nature.

This city in China is bursting with UNESCO World Heritage gardens

The dominant features are the limestone formations of the Middle and Upper Triassic, the Upper Jurassic and the Upper Cretaceous, especially the so-called Durmitorean flysch. Nom file Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch: Wiki, Monte San Giorgio: Wiki South China Karst: The nominated property contains a cross-section of key features of the regional geology of the area including the deposition of carbonates up to the Triassic period million years ago and the subsequent tectonic evolution of the area AB ev Dolomites: Das Gebirge besteht zu grossen Teilen aus Sedimentgestein, das deutlich typische Schichtungen aufweist.

About Suzhou Suzhou, the “Venice of China,” is known for its elegant stone bridges, canals, flowing water, and noteworthy architecture. Located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, approximately 60 miles west of Shanghai, Suzhou is one of the oldest cities in the Yangtze Basin dating .

You will be met by our local tour guide at the arrival hall of Beijing Airport and escorted to your downtown hotel by a private comfortable vehicle. The rest of the day is your own to relax. If you want to explore nearby areas, feel free to get some practical suggestions from your tour guide. At present, there are many international and domestic flights to Beijing. Besides, you can take a high speed train to this capital city from Shanghai hrs , Xian 5.

Day 2 Beijing B, L After breakfast, start to explore the historical face of Beijing with a brief visit to Tiananmen Square, now the largest city plaza in the world. Tiananmen Gate on the northern side of the square was the site where Chairman Mao announced the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. Pass through various doorways in this magnificent structure to admire the beautiful and well preserved buildings decorated with yellow-glazed tile roofs, white marble bases and splendid colorful paintings.

After lunch, drive to the outskirts of Beijing to spend an enjoyable time in the Summer Palace, the largest and best-preserved royal garden in China. Stroll around ancient pavilions, mansions, temples, bridges and corridors while feasting your eyes on the vast lotus in Kunming Lake and the colorful paintings in the Long Corridor. Visit the Mutianyu, a less crowded yet well-preserved segment of the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty. It will more than live up to all of your expectations!

You can take a cable car or an enjoyable 40 minute walk to set your feet on the historic Great Wall. Then climb up its rising towers to enjoy scenic views of the wall as it wriggles along mountain ridges and you take brag-worthy photos.


Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: It boasts the largest quantity of Ming Dynasty relics of all the gardens in Suzhou. The Ming period is known for elegant , thin proportions in furniture, delicate paintings of garden scenes, and private gardens, such as Yi Pu, that are organized with clearly defined and graciously scaled spaces. Yi Pu occupies a long, narrow site. The residence and reception halls dominate the northern half of the garden.

Suzhou is about an hour from Shanghai, in the center of the Yangtze delta in southeastern China, and it is one of the country’s oldest cities, dating from B.C. The equally ancient Grand Canal connects it to other cities, but Suzhou also is known for its lakes, rivers and local canals.

Suzhou is most well-known for its canals and its classical gardens, and it has a really lovely ancient feel. There is a grid of streets dating to the Qing, Ming and Song dynasties as far back as the s. Most of these were built by wealthy families and scholars as places for contemplation, debate and respite. In addition to visiting several of these gardens, I also went green-tea picking, took a canal boat ride and ate lots and lots of delicious food.

Going to an evening performance in the idyllic Garden of the Master of the Nets. The garden is all lit up in magical lights under a clear evening sky, and as you walk through the various halls and rockeries, performers play classical Chinese music and give theatrical renditions of traditional stories and plays. It was like being transported into a moment of classical Chinese poetry.

This is China, after all. Fridge magnet or better? Oh… and Suzhou has some of the best Chinglish signs in all of China, so I got plenty of great pictures for my collection. We were quite a spectacle, and lots of people stopped to watch and take photos. Megan Eaves travelled to Suzhou with support from Suzhou Tourism. Lonely Planet contributors do not accept freebies in exchange for positive coverage.

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