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At least five reef islands in the remote Solomon Islands have been lost completely to sea level rise and coastal erosion, and a further six islands have been severely eroded. New evidence first time anecdotal accounts of sea level rising impacts confirmed Nuatambu Island lost more than half of its habitable area, 11 houses washed into the sea since 21 islands exposed to high wave energy, five disappeared, six eroded substantially Sea level rise, erosion and coastal flooding are some of the greatest challenges facing humanity from climate change. The islands lost to the sea range in size from one to five hectares and supported dense tropical vegetation that was at least years old. Nuatambu Island — home to 25 families — has lost more than half of its habitable area, with 11 houses washed into the sea since This is the first scientific evidence, published in Environmental Research Letters, that confirms the numerous anecdotal accounts from across the Pacific of the dramatic impacts of climate change on coastlines and people. Previous studies examining the risk of coastal inundation in the Pacific region have found islands can actually keep pace with sea level rise and sometimes even expand. However, these studies have been conducted in areas of the Pacific with rates of sea level rise of millimetres per year — broadly in line with the global average of 3 millimetres per year. Solomon Islands sea levels rising at three times the average Photo: The Solomon Islands are being used as a case study for what the rest of the Pacific can expect in the second half of this century due to human-induced sea level rise. Australia in Solomon Islands For the past 20 years, the Solomon Islands have been a hotspot for sea level rise.

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Some say that visiting the Solomon Islands is like stepping back in time. The history and tradition here is alive and authentic. Early history There are a number of different dates and explanations about how the Solomon Islands was first settled. It is thought by some that ancient peoples may have arrived into parts of the Solomons as early as , BC after very slowly dispersing through South East Asia.

However, the earliest date of known human habitation has been put at BC from carbon dating remains that were found in a cave on Guadalcanal.

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All that remains of one of the completely eroded islands. These islands lost to the sea range in size from one to five hectares. They supported dense tropical vegetation that was at least years old. Nuatambu Island, home to 25 families, has lost more than half of its habitable area, with 11 houses washed into the sea since For the past 20 years, the Solomon Islands have been a hotspot for sea-level rise.

Here the sea has risen at almost three times the global average, around mm per year since

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This example Overall length: Nggela Islands, Solomon Islands Materials: Probably early 19th century Description A Solomon Islands war club, of archetypical form that is associated with the Nggela Islands. The large club is made of a heavy, dark hardwood. It has a paddle shaped blade, with raised central rib and semi-sharp edges and point. The staff is of flattened diamond cross-section, creating four ridges that give a good idea of the alignment of the blade when handling it.

It has some dents and even a small cut in one of the raised ribs on the flat of the blade that look like it may have seen fighting action. The working of the wood caused some longitudinal splits, which are superficial and don’t seem to affect the structural integrity of the piece. Oceanic antiques were very popular among wealthy European collectors of the 19th century and as a reaction the region started to produce many items solely for export.

Many war clubs on the market today are of that type, made for a willing foreign market. The true collector is of course mainly interested in items that were to be used within the culture. I believe this is one of these early clubs that are actually made for the culture, by the culture. It has all the signs you would expect from a wooden item of considerable age, including the shallow splits over the length due to drying of the wood.

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Rodda, in Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences , Solomon Islands The central and western Solomon Islands form a double chain on either side of a central trough and are bounded on both flanks by deep-sea trenches Figure 4. The islands comprise three geological provinces: The islands of the north-eastern province are Malaita, the small island of Ulawa, and the north-eastern side of Santa Isabel.

On these islands, Cretaceous and Paleocene submarine basalts with intercalated pelagic limestone and mudstone are overlain by younger Cenozoic marine sediments that contain terrigenous material. The Cretaceous and Paleocene rocks originated as part of the Ontong Java submarine volcanic plateau. The dashed line marks the international border.

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Big bumphead parrotfish are commonly seen here, and you may see a napoleon wrasse. Typically an entire day of diving is done here. This is the main place for “big stuff” – definitely a wide-angle site. Find out if your trip will stay here 1 or two days! This site in on Mary’s Island. It has multiple schools in the hundreds of fish both Jacks and Barracuda swirling toward the sun.

As you swim up thru the mass of fish, you have to pay attention to your depth gauge to prevent too rapid assent. It’s a photographers dream to shoot away as they envelope you with a wall of fish not concerned about your strobes firing.

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Five Pacific reef islands swallowed by rising sea levels Published time: Focusing on two areas with the highest density of exposed reef islands, two researchers, Isabel and Roviana, examined 33 islands using aerial and satellite imagery dating from to Researchers found rates of shoreline recession were significantly higher in areas exposed to high wave energy than more sheltered regions. The five islands that disappeared were all vegetated reef islands with areas up to five hectares 12 acres , which were not populated, but occasionally used by fishermen.

Rates of sea-level rise in the Solomon Islands over the past two decades have been amongst the highest globally, according to the study.

The islands have been inhabited for at least 3, years as shown by carbon-dating on pottery excavated from Guadalcanal and other islands. European contact has often been violent and destructive, from the Blackbirders of the ’s to the massive battles fought against Japan in WW2.

From birth to death, the stages of life in Solomon Islander culture. Highlights of This Profile Humankind may follow a similar progression in the lifecycle, but cultural details differ. From childhood to coming of age, dating, marriage, family and parenting, work life, old age, and death, this report on Solomon Islander life stages covers it all. Learn about Solomon Islander society in each stage of the lifecycle, the customs unique to males and females, and the traditions of infancy, childhood, teenagers, young adults, the middle aged, parents, professionals, and the elderly.

The report takes an in-depth look at practical, everyday customs in Solomon Islands. This comprehensive profile touches on a multitude of topics within each age group or life stage. You’ll learn about the Solomon Islander outlook on life and have more to talk about with your colleagues and friends.

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Solomon Islands has made significant gains in the last decade, however major constraints to growth and private sector investment still exist, including low quality infrastructure, under developed labour skills, high utility costs and land tenure issues. Public administration and financial management can reduce incentives for international investors as well as local firms. Entrenched gender inequality constrains the opportunities available to women, to the detriment of the economy and society more broadly.

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Exercise normal safety and security precautions Exercise normal safety and security precautions in the Solomon Islands. Such activity is usually related to alcohol consumption, domestic disputes and land issues. There have been incidents of abduction and assault on public buses and at bus stops. New Zealanders are advised to maintain personal security awareness at all times. As foreigners may be targeted due to their perceived wealth, avoid displaying or wearing items that appear valuable, such as electronic devices, cameras and jewellery.

You should take particular care when using public transport in Honiara and avoid walking at night in Honiara. Ensure that you have adequate home security measures in place. New Zealanders should avoid, any demonstrations, large gatherings or protests, as even those intended to be peaceful could turn violent with little warning.

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